Founded 1989


The history of WILTEC is truely one of the quintessential stories of a company that was founded very much by accident to address a specific problem.

In 1988, WILTEC's founder, Moses R. Wilson, was working as an Associate Traffic Engineer for the Pasadena office of the transportation engineering firm Barton-Aschman Associates.

While conducting a traffic impact and parking study for the proposed expansion of a large regional shopping mall, Moses became extremely frustrated by the very low quality of the field surveys he had contracted for from a local traffic surveys company.  

Faced with a looming deadline to submit his report, Moses pulled together an ad hoc crew comprised of family members, friends and coworkers and collected completely new field data. This enabled him to complete his study and the project was approved.

In the ensuing months, Moses found himself leading a growing crew of field technicians who conducted field surveys for not just his own studies, but also for many of his coworkers.  As happens so often, this eventually led to an "aahaa" moment and WILTEC was born.

Over the years, almost every member of Moses' family worked in some capacity at WILTEC and it was a truely family company. While most family members have since moved on, the company is still very much a family-owned and run operation.

In January 2014, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary in business.